3D printing is becoming extremely famous in the construction industry. The industry uses super-sized printers with mixtures that are thicker than concrete. 3D printing does not require support
beams, which makes it the talk of the town.
There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of using 3D printing for houses. Let’s dive into them.

Benefits of Using 3D Printed Houses

3D house printing offers great benefits. Here are some that you need to know.

  • Using 3D printing buildings reduces construction costs. Using 3D printers reduces the construction cost by 80%. Furthermore, it also reduces the production costs and the transportation cost to bring supplies.
  • With the waste increasing at a rapid rate, using 3D printers reduces construction waste as well. Typically, it generates only 30% of waste as compared to traditional construction. Recycling is pretty simple and easy with 3D printing.
  • 3D printers can produce designs for houses that take a lot of time and effort with regular construction. It increases the possibilities for architects to make advanced designs.
  • 3D printing houses reduce construction time. You can get your house within a month, whereas regular construction takes about six months.


Challenges with 3D Printing

As technology flourishes, there is always a chance of a little setback. Although 3D printed houses offer tremendous benefits, there are also a few challenges that come with it. Here are some of them that you should be aware of.

  • You need to remember that there are no policies, regulations, or processes to approve the 3D printed houses. Unless the government comes up with public safety codes and policies regarding structural integrity, it’s best to avoid the practice.
  • The use of 3D printed houses limits you to using plastics and concrete only. If you want to use steel or wood in the design, then you won’t be able to use this technology.
  • Another problem with 3D printing is that not many architects and engineers are aware of the practice. The whole process requires different handling, which is why the expert must hold the knowledge to handle 3D printed houses projects. Training and experience are
    needed in this area.

These are a few things that the person who is opting for 3D printed houses must be aware of. Unless the expert you’re hiring is extremely experienced in using the technology, there is always
a chance of something going wrong with the project. Make sure that you are aware of the laws and regulations relating to 3D printed houses before jumping on the bandwagon.

Cost of 3D Printed Houses

Everything comes with a price tag, and the same is the case with 3D printing technology in the construction industry. The technology came at a huge price in the beginning, but with time, the prices reduced.

It’s not possible to quote one price for the 3D printing project. The construction with 3D technology is taking place all around the world, so there’s no one price to suggest.

To give an idea, a 3D printed house costs as low as $10,000, or sometimes the prices are lower. Depending on the foundation, size, wiring, flooring, etc. of the house, the prices are bound to

The complexity of the house, as well as its size, decides the price. Sometimes, the house can cost as low as $4000, and at times, it can cost more than $100,000.

It’s best to ask the companies offering construction with this technology to quote a price for a house with your requirements. There are hundreds of companies offering 3D printed house
construction services, so it’s best to make a list of your requirements and visit the service – provider.


3D printed houses are becoming a thing, and there’s no doubt that this technology is worth all the hype. Less construction waste, time, and efforts were never as simpler before the advent of 3D
printing technology. If you want your house to be completed in a few days, then 3D printing is what you should opt for.

However, keep in mind that there are some challenges that come with the use of 3D printing technology. If your service provider is aware of them and knows a way to tackle them, then hire
the company. Bring your money to the best use by opting for 3D printing houses for perfect structure and less cost.

The money you save on the construction can be used on the decoration. Building a house was
never easier before 3D printing technology.