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Monday, 2 October 2023


The era of a data-driven economy

Data2Money Launches a Trailblazing Path to Earn While Browsing. The era of a data-driven economy has just taken an exhilarating leap forward with the launch of Data2Money. In a bold move that merges the power of blockchain technology with the

Crypto gaming 1T$ industry?

Crypto Gaming is a new and improved form of traditional online games, developed on a secure blockchain and played using cryptocurrency tokens. The gaming industry and blockchain first came into contact a few years ago, and further convergence was inevitable.

How one artist made $69 million from NFTs

Beeple is currently one of the most famous artists in the NFT space after his token was sold for almost $70 million. The record sale has sent shockwaves through the entire ecosystem and spurred questions like “how did he do

Would NFTs crash the market?

Introduction The Non Fungible token (NFT) is the newest buzzing part of the Ethereum blockchain, each one being a unique digital asset that is not interchangeable and cannot be substituted. The term nonfungible means that this technology is unique and

NFT’s Guide for Dummies

Introduction Cryptocurrency, security tokens, digital assets, and their classifications are rapidly increasing with blockchain and cryptographic technology. NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are another instance of a fast-paced transformation in the sector. Probably, most of your reads about NFTs concentrate on how