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Wednesday, 27 January 2021


What It Takes To Create A VC Fund?

Starting your own VC fund is not an easy task. It is a job with many perks, and that is why there is no easy way of creating your own VC fund. This article will help you get up to

Opportunities in Voice Technology

Since the emergence of voice tech in 2011, voice technology has multiplied and gradually incorporated into every sector. The future of voice technology and the opportunities it offers are becoming more popular and advanced. Voice technology has become a major

How to Start your own Podcast

Compared to blogging, podcasting is a less competitive space, yet a rapidly growing one. More people listen to podcasts by the minute, either for motivation, meditation, to learn something new, or for entertainment. So if you would like to start

Pre-Recorded Books for Kids

Reading is one of the essential skills your kids need to learn as they grow. Children are more likely to learn this skill faster when they are read to and allowed to read out loud also. As a parent, you