When you hear Mona Lisa Painting, several things come to mind, a popular name of one of the world’s finest women of her time. However, there is more to Mona Lisa than a person, and that is the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci about five centuries ago. The half-length painting has not just grown to become one of the world’s renowned art pieces but also one of the world’s most expensive painting.

Many individuals from across the globe have tried from far and near to see this painting. Several others have written well-detailed pieces that explain different aspects of the paintings. Musicians from across the globe have also written different songs about the Mona Lisa. All of these have made this painting the most parodied work of art in the world.

The attention to details of this painting is what stands this work of art out from others and made Leonardo da Vinci one of the most celebrated artists of his time. Some of this artwork’s basic but profound features include its enigmatic expression, the detailed modeling of forms, atmospheric illusionism, and the subject’s monumentality of composition. Oil on the popular panel was the primary medium through which this painting was delivered, and it currently resides in Paris.

Leonardo was said to commence work on this painting around 1503 up until about 1517. According to Guinness World Record, it is currently rated as one of the world’s most expensive paintings with an insurance valuation of about $660 million.

Over the years, there are deliberations among artists about whether or not the next Mona Lisa could be painted via paint. In this article, we shall be considering this possibility in line with the many opportunities that come with selling digital art and making millions of dollars. To give us a better understanding of how this will happen, let us look at some of the reasons why the Mona Lisa is famous.

The Mona Lisa Is A Very Famous Painting; why?

It is about five centuries now since Leonardo da Vinci did the Mona Lisa painting, and it is still rated as one of the world’s most famous art pieces. It is a sacred artwork currently being placed in bulletproof glass in the notable Louvre Museum in Paris. Till today, the painting commands the presence of important personalities in the art industry daily. There is a lot of buzz around this painting that many people don’t seem to understand. To break this down, let us examine some of why this painting is as famous as it is.

  • It is a perfect painting that has an inherent appeal

While there are several arguments around why the piece is so famous and expensive, everyone seems to agree that the painting combines a lot of art features that portray excellence in all of its attention. There is something about every detail that is compelling and worthy of attraction. Many writers have visited the museum where this piece lies and, just by staring at one part of it, have written very comprehensive articles.

The beauty of every artwork is in the attention to the details, but with the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci seems to have gone the extra mile. This is why, just like the painting, Leonardo is well respected and rated in the art industry as being one of the best.

  • It was drawn with a unique artistic technique

Another feature that makes the Mona Lisa stand out from other paintings that exist is that it was designed with a technique that is said to imitate nature at its very best closely. It has a subtle scriptural face designed with a unique artistic technique that uses a specific gradation of light and shadow.

With this technique, the skull is being seen as lying beneath the skin. Many artists have tried to achieve this perfection, but Leonardo seemed to be the one who made it appear easy. The skillful handling of sfumato – an artistic technique by Leonardo made the painted veil appear real and reveals the folded fabric at its very best.

  • Louvre – the home of the painting

While many scholars try to attribute the fame of the Mona Lisa to the quality and expertise invested into its design, some believe other factors play a significant role in the painting’s popularity. The most important of these external factors is the home base of the painting, the Louvre in Paris.

Louvre Museum is one of the world’s most famous museums, with many people trooping in daily to see the many art collections in it. The Mona Lisa painting was said to arrive in Louvre Museum after it was brought in by the King of France – Francis 1. The Mona Lisa was then added to the King’s royal collection, and that was how it started commanding all and sundry’s attention.

  • The media attention following the theft of the painting in 1911

Sometimes in August 1911, news broke out that the Mona Lisa had been stolen, which sparked furry. Many blogs, websites, and writers began talking about the painting and possible reasons why it must have been stolen. This became a major talking point that had many people travel to the Louvre Museum to glance at the empty glass that served as home to the painting. Many people took pictures, documented their experiences, and some of the staff resigned while others were fired.

Things got messy when Pablo Picasso was arrested as a lead suspect of the missing piece of art. The frenzy around the missing painting lasted for two years and ended when it was reportedly found in a museum somewhere in Italy while being sold.

Opportunities to Sell Digital Art for Millions of Dollars

With the popularity and worth of the Mona Lisa, the question many seem to be asking is – could the next Mona Lisa be via paint? This question is borne from the recent advancement in technology that has seen the rise of digital art.

Selling digital products like e-books, clothing items, and technological devices have helped many people make money in millions on the internet today. So the question is, why not digital art? Yes, the next Mona Lisa could come as digital art and cause you to make millions of naira even without you being another Leonardo da Vinci.

First things first, you have to know what digital tools to use if you want to make a compelling piece that will command a global audience and relevance as the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo. Knowing the right tools to use to create the art, the right platform to use to drive sales, and the best marketing strategies are the best ways to harness the money-making opportunities that will be discussed below.

  • Start by learning how to make money as an artist

Your first shot at accessing opportunities to sell digital art for millions of dollars is usually at your place of learning. While the internet appears like a world full of possibilities, you need a working strategy to position yourself to harness the available options on the internet. If you have created a great digital art piece, the next step is to find out how creatives make a lot of money online. Do not just make a random selection of artists, but be specific by choosing those artists who sell similar digital arts as yours and have a track record of excellence in sales.

  • Invent a new luxury digital art niche

To make millions of dollars selling digital art, you don’t have to create an art piece in an overcrowded niche. If you do so, the chances you will make a lot of money within the shortest possible time are very low. Instead, do quick research to find a niche that has more opportunities but less artwork. Where you can’t seem to find such a niche, the best thing is to create one. The internet is filled with many individuals who are willing to pay a lot of money for digital arts. Create a niche that helps you connect with these people and meet them at the point of their needs.

  • Branding is essential

A digital art, just like a picture, is worth a thousand words people are willing to pay for. However, how well you brand your digital art will determine how much people will pay for it. If you want your digital art to be as famous and price-worthy as the Mona Lisa, you have to ensure proper branding and presentation. After you must have branded your digital art well, use top digital platforms to showcase your digital art to a larger audience.

Mona Lisa was painted via a paint, but it appears like the next Mona Lisa will be coming as digital art, and you can make millions of dollars from it. All you need to do is pick some lessons from the rise to the Mona Lisa’s fame, stay unique, and ensure proper branding. With this, you are not just set to present the next Mona Lisa in the form of digital art, but you can make a lot of money from it.