Design assets can help to save a significant amount of time and energy while building a website. We have gathered design assets that can significantly save your time and improve quality, especially if you are a junior designer.

Why use templates?

Some would say that templates make content boring and repetitive. It’s true if you use the template without customization. We highly recommend using only one or two aspects of templates in your work. Perhaps use only layout, or use only icons yet change colors and layout. Design templates should save some time but should not be resold as original work because it’s not.

What about a license?

All our themes are original work of our in-house team; thus, we provide full license and confirmation to those who will use it. 

Do you work with Figma or other design platforms?

Yes, we work with Figma as well. We will share some additional assets for Figma users in the upcoming months, so stay tuned and follow up for more.

Website themes are on their way!

We will share many website themes for WordPress, Opencart, and Shopify in the upcoming months. All of the themes will be free and available to use to everyone. We strive to help entrepreneurs set up businesses as cheap as possible yet showcase top-notch quality to the clients. 

Logistics website

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Credit website

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Sports match mobile application design

adobe xd mobile app design

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Hotel web design template


hotel web design theme

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Minimalistic Eccommerce website theme

eshop theme adobe xd

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Art Marketplace web theme

art adobe xd theme

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One product shop

one product eshop

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Hope these themes can help some of you. Feel free to email us and let us know what themes you really need.

More to come soon!

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