An often-overlooked strategy, page speed optimization services are crucial to great SEO. Without ensuring that websites can load quickly for visitors, sites will likely lose conversions and revenue. Nearly half of web searchers won’t even wait three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another site.

Business model

Speed is the name of the game for businesses that want to succeed on the web. Potential buyers are extremely fickle and will leave a cart empty simply because the site doesn’t load quickly.

This is the exact problem you would be fixing for businesses, big and small. A business that has a website is a potential client. By providing technical services that would increase the speed of a website you can then move on to contacting more companies to help. In the very beginning, it is possible to be a single-person company if you have the required technical knowledge. What is usually required is knowledge of basic front and back-end web development.

By successfully increasing website speed for more and more companies it is possible to then expand the team by dividing responsibilities between the technical and support/sales team.

As the problem solved actively increases revenue for your clients it is possible to sell both single set-up packages or work on an hourly rate. As for pricing, it depends on many factors. In 2020, page speed optimization services cost from $50 to $12,000. Prices depend on several features, including your site’s size and format and your service provider’s experience and service plan. While some agencies charge a flat rate, most page speed optimization prices use an hourly rate.

The fundamentals

To grow the business the key things to note are:

  1. As web speed optimization is a time-intensive service it is important to have a team of technical personnel that can take on multiple projects at a time. The reason that these services are so time-intensive is that simple solutions which can be automated are usually done quite cheaply and only the ability to find optimizable parts of the website, would net a service that could ask for a higher price
  2. Contact – Analyse – Optimise – Repeat. These are the four stages that a web speed optimization agency will overtake during a project. Your ability to streamline and increase the efficiency of these stages will increase revenue and ensure better profit margins

Contact – During this stage, you would explain to potential clients why they should increase their website speeds. The best ways to contact potential clients are from best to worst: SEO optimization, Google ads, and Social media ads. Before you focus on your outreach you should also optimize your website so that it is not only fast but also has enough helpful material for potential clients to feel that you are an expert and can help. Great ways to establish an expert position in the minds of clients: Explainer videos, blog posts, and past client references

Analyze – At this time you will have to show your worth to your clients and made suggestions of things you could optimize. Important note some agencies say they could provide analysis for free to secure a client more easily.

Optimize – Time to shine, at this point, you would enact all of the changes needed to make the website faster

Repeat – The beauty of the selected business niche is that It can be reproduced. Thus scaling it mostly requires additional people so that the number of projects could be increased.

What people are needed to become a successful web speed optimization agency

  • Front end developer
  • Back end developer
  • SEO specialist with a great understanding of website building fundamentals which influence how easy the site is to find for search engines
  • Sales specialist
  • Support specialist

The outlook

Both existing websites which are growing older every day and new websites that are created by the thousands every day mean that there is a large pool of potential clients.

Because of the technical and web-based nature of the agencies work

Speaking technically

Every page element – its HTML code, CSS that styles page elements, various JavaScript files, images, videos, and other multimedia and so much more – affects the page speed. Anything from an element’s size (measured in kilobytes) to the speed of the web server they are hosted on will affect the page speed.

Page speed is measured on desktop and mobile devices separately. This is because of technology differences between the two, resulting in a different experience for desktop and mobile users.

Page Speed vs. Site Speed

Though they may seem similar, page speed is not the same as site speed. Site speed is the average of several sample pages on a website. Page speed, on the other hand, describes how long a person will wait to start consuming an individual page.

The key provided services:

  • Website optimization
  • HTTPS setup
  • HTTPS request reduction
  • Image optimization
  • JavaScript minimization
  • Caching configuration
  • Redirect optimization

Creating a web speed optimization agency is a great way to earn more than a consistent living. As it is a scalable and growing business model, it has a great future in the hands of a motivated individual.