Are you looking to start a new business in 2022? Are you a new or seasoned entrepreneur in search of innovative and profitable business ideas? If your answer is yes! Then your search is over. Here, we are exploring some innovative business ideas that can keep you at the top of the market for a long while. These business ideas are those not-so-common ones that are about to leap in the market.

To stay at the top of the market, you will need to think outside the box, move with the market trend, stay one step ahead of your competitors, and continually satisfy customer needs. But, to achieve all these at once, you will need more than a regular business idea and plan.

Getting an innovative business idea based on the market trend would greatly influence the viability of the business. It would also ensure that your business idea becomes a profitable and successful business or company in the long run.

Regardless of what business industry you are interested in, innovative business ideas are cutting across nearly all business industries. All you need to do is adapt one of these ideas, devise a plan, and get your business on the road.

  1. Smart Shoes

The technology industry is gradually infiltrating every sector, and if you don’t take part, you may miss out on the massive opportunities it offers. Smart shoes are a recent and profitable innovation. They come with sensors connected to an app. These sensors gauge how crowded a street is and relay the information to other users through the app. The best part is, some of them come with Maps that help provide alternative routes to your desired destination. Some come with Bluetooth accessories, help to calculate steps, and also shed calories.

These shoes are manufactured for pedestrians, especially those who prefer to walk everywhere or do not have any personal communication means. The smart shoe is an innovation bound to take a surge in the market trends in the next few years. You can get into this business by manufacturing and selling smart shoes or selling alone. You can easily become a wholesaler, distributor, or retailer for already established companies. Smart shoes are likely to stay at the top of the trend for a long while, and you can be part of the benefactors if you want to.

  1. Buy and Rent IP Addresses

Several businesses and upcoming businesses are in a constant search for IP addresses. What better way to start your own business than leveraging on the needs of other businesses? IP addresses serve as a unique string of characters used for the identification of devices on the Internet. Businesses and companies need IP addresses to help boost their security and also increase customer trust and confidence. With the massive growth of companies, businesses, and the Internet, the demand for dedicated IP addresses is rising.

Given the high-demand, it is only wise that you take advantage of this opportunity by either leasing or buying and selling IP addresses.

If you would like to lease, it is made even easier for you if you already own an IP address. You can rent or hire it for some time and a great price. However, if you would like to buy and sell, you can purchase from IP brokers and sell or become an IP broker yourself.

This is very profitable if you can apply this business idea properly.

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality Developer

Virtual and Augmented reality is one technological advancement causing major positive disruptions across several business industries. What could be better than being a part of these positive disruptions? Starting a business related to virtual and augmented reality gaming or accessories is a great business idea. Just as this is a great business idea, its profits are also massive. However, keep in mind that it would require large-scale capital and investments to get started with.

Virtual and augmented reality computing, although different, are highly profitable and can be done together. One of the most popular uses of Virtual reality is the arcade or gaming business. It has given gaming a new beginning and has made a massive impact on the gaming industry.

In addition to the gaming industry, Virtual and augmented reality has also been found useful in other sectors. It can be used in real estate marketing, education (teachings and training), to attend events, see 3-D movies, communicate via social media, etc.

You can either become a virtual and augmented reality developer or employ a VR and AR developers group to work for you. This is a great business choice for tech-savvy and gaming fans.

  1. Biometric Sensor Company

With the surge in security risks, there’s an increasing need to employ higher and tighter security measures. Biometric sensors are one of the security tools moving to the top of the market trends. The biometric sensors are sensors that scan your retina (eyes) or fingers to verify your identity. They can be installed in buildings, business places, and products.

With this business idea, you can develop or sell these sensors to companies and even homes. To make the best of this idea, you would need to make medium-sized investments to rent or build facilities and equipment required to manufacture the biometric sensors. Even if you wouldn’t manufacture them, you will still need some investments to purchase these sensors.

Although you may require a large amount of financial capital, the business comes with great financial rewards. This is because several multinational companies are picking interest in these sensors and are likely to buy from you.

  1. 3D Printing Shop

The 3D printing business has gained ground in the market over time and has grown to be one of the most lucrative businesses. It has gained a lot of popularity and is gradually moving to the top of the market trends. A few years ago, the 3D printers came at a high-cost, making it difficult for many businessmen to purchase. However, this is a lot different now, as it is relatively cost-effective now, making it easier for you to purchase.

The demand for 3D printing has taken a turn to the high side, and it’s best you take this opportunity while it is valid and profitable. This business is gradually recycling as damaged sunglasses, sneakers, and almost anything can be recycled. People are looking for new ways to cut spending, and you can help them out. All you need to do is purchase high-quality 3D printers, offer your services, and get started on making profits.

In addition to this, because of the rising demand for these services, you can also start manufacturing 3D printers if you have the capacity.

  1. Health Record Sharing and Digitalization

With the increase in the number of individuals with health conditions and immigration, multiple doctors have become necessary to access one’s medical records regardless of their location.

For example, sometimes, patients move to new towns, cities, or countries and switch consulting doctors. When this is done, the previous health record is usually inaccessible, which sometimes makes it difficult to make a diagnosis and treat it.

To help solve this problem, you can create a company that sets up secured medical records of patients throughout a town, city, country, or even several countries. These medical records will only be accessible to registered doctors through a unique patient code. Through this, doctors can always access old medical records and health data of their new patients.

Although this blockchain technology is relatively new to the market, it is a significant investment that is gradually topping the market trend. To start-up this company, you may need a large amount of capital to begin. However, in the long-run, this business is most likely to pay itself.

  1. Phone Themes and Widgets

If you are tech-savvy, with some UI/UX designing skills, this is for you. Every smartphone user likes to get a new look for their screens, blogs, etc., from time to time. Also, many people love widgets, as they help make their phone home screens more useful, and it also enhances easy navigation.

You can help ease the stress for phone users while gaining you some money. Just get creative. You can design phone themes and widgets and sell to people individually, or even sell to website or App owners who also sell. You can create apps or websites where you directly sell your newly created themes or widgets to phone users. Also, you can sell them to phone brands or companies. If you can successfully build up this business, you can gain some good profits over time.


Here, we have researched and compiled a list of some of the most innovative and profitable business ideas you can apply. However, before applying either of these business ideas, ensure that you do further research about it, and understand the requirements. It would also be best if you considered the cost of a start-up to decide which would be most suitable for you.

As you may already know, ideas are not relevant, except they have been put into action. This applies here; your business idea would not matter if it remains a business idea. Once you have decided which you would like to stick with, you should make plans and start implementing them. Your plans, alongside patience, determination, hard work, and smart work, would help you build the successful and profitable business you desire.