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Monday, 6 May 2024


How one artist made $69 million from NFTs

Beeple is currently one of the most famous artists in the NFT space after his token was sold for almost $70 million. The record sale has sent shockwaves through the entire ecosystem and spurred questions like “how did he do

Would NFTs crash the market?

Introduction The Non Fungible token (NFT) is the newest buzzing part of the Ethereum blockchain, each one being a unique digital asset that is not interchangeable and cannot be substituted. The term nonfungible means that this technology is unique and

Key Tips To Break into the NFT Industry

Introduction The recent trend in the blockchain world has been the NFT rise. Over $100 million NFTs worth were sold in the last few months, with prominent stars like Steve Aoki, Grimes, and 3LAU earning millions of dollars. Since 2020,

The Problems with Copyrights in the NFTs Space

Introduction NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the latest cryptographic buzz, has blown into the entertainment and media world, creating new opportunities and markets for investors, brands, musicians, artists, innovators, and consumers. As this once masked technology gets massive appeal and quickly transforms

A Quick Guide to NFTs

You’ve probably heard all kinds of interesting — and maybe controversial — talks about NFTs. People have called them everything from disruptive innovation to short-lived fads. So what exactly are these Tokens? How are artists making millions from it, and