Did you know that the average adult makes about 35,000 conscious decisions every single day?

In the 21st century, every person seems to find so many things to do. With more opportunities to hustle at work or at home, the to-do list just seems to go on and on. What do you do when you feel you’ve filled your schedule to the brim? Can you still memorize which activity goes first and last?

Many use planners, calendars, and time tracker apps. With the progressing technology, anything is possible.

A reminder app (aka your pocket-sized personal assistant) is the most affordable way to make sure you tend to everything that needs to be done for the day. Who has the time to memorize all the complex details of the day – your pill intake, especially – when you can have your medicine reminder app do it for you?

At 2020, so many apps have popped up in the market, but here are the top medicine reminder apps this year, according to the number of downloads:

Medisafe Pill Reminder

Description: Medisafe is currently the top-rated pill reminder app for both Apple and Android. Mainly used as a reminder app for taking medicine, it also keeps track of your health by storing your measurements for blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, pulse, and even temperature.

Size: 132.2 MB

Features: With Medfriend, you can sync your app with a friend or a family member. Having synced apps helps friends and family keep track of others’ schedule. Medisafe also comes with the ability to manage doctor appointments while supporting complex dosages.

Cost: FREE

For Medisafe Premium, you can start from $4.99 a month (for iOS) and $2.99 a month (for Android) to gain access to more features such as unlimited Medtone reminder voices, color themes, pillbox shapes, and ad-free experience.

Get the app: iOS | Android

Pill Reminder Medication Alarm

Description: The Pill Reminder Medication Alarm is a very straightforward app (for iOS users) that keeps track of your medication schedule. To use, you just enter the name of the medicine, the interval needed in between doses, and the time when to take the first dose of medicine.

Size: 46.7MB

Features: The app comes with a simple but customizable appearance.

Cost: FREE

The full version can be purchased at $1.99. Update your version when you wish to remove ads or if you prefer additional features.

Get the app: iOS 

Round Health

Description: Like the previous app, Round Health is one of the most straightforward medicine reminder apps. Its simple interface makes it easy to organize your medications and dosage schedule.

Size: 34.9MB

Features: The app comes with push notifications that continue to remind you even after you have missed your first dosage. It also keeps track of how many pills you have on hand, subtracting from the total number every time you take one.

Cost: FREE

Get the app: iOS 

MyTherapy Pill Reminder

Description: MyTherapy is a pill reminder app that is available for both Apple and Android users. Simple and smart, it tracks your medication intake, inventory, medication history, and even your refill schedule.

Size: 248.6MB

Features: The app comes with a feature that lets you see your health patterns in visual graphics. For example, you can track the pattern of your blood pressure throughout a specific period with its simple visual pattern, usually a line graph. The app emails health reports to you, and like the Medisafe Pill Reminder App, you get to connect with friends and family for encouragement and support. It also does not come with ads so you don’t have to worry about ad banners popping up as you use the app.

Cost: FREE

Get the app: iOS | Android

Pill Reminder – All in One

Description: Pill Reminder – All in One is a straightforward app that allows you to set reminders for your medication intake, inventory, and refills. It also makes sure you know when you have missed your medication or when your stock is already running low.

Size: 22.8MB

Features: Aside from its basic reminder features, Pill Reminder – All in One is able to email health reports to your doctor while allowing multiple user support. It also helps you keep track of your pills by letting you upload photos for easy identification.

Cost: FREE

For unlimited reminders, you can purchase the full version at $1.99.

Get the app: iOS

The future of reminder apps

If you have trouble remembering to take your medicine on time, perhaps it’s time for you to go to the app store for your own medicine reminder app.

The hustle culture has created a pile of daily to-dos as part of the routine. As consequence, so many of the minuscule tasks such as taking medicine on time often get pushed back, if not completely forgotten. Fortunately, app developers are also working twice as hard with technology-based solutions. Whether it’s an app that never lets you forget your medication ever again or any random app that tells you what to do next, there’s almost always a digital solution for the busy person.