It’s difficult enough to create and edit Youtube videos. Company idea is doing its part by continuously coming up with various Youtube video ideas and posting that right in this post. Here is our list :
Last update (14.05.2022)

1. Put a camera on a dog and make 2-3min best moments being a dog video.
2. ‘Living like a homeless for a week.
3. As long as you can go without sleep
4. Propose to a random girl/boy on the street after getting to know each other for several hours
5. Telling your siblings you are gay/lesbian (reaction)
6. Whole day fulfilling your sister, brother, dog, or family member’s dreams.
7. Offer a couple on the street to divorce for one day to check how it feels
8. Social experiment. Split a couple. Send a girl to a 5-star hotel + Michelin star restaurant and send a boy to the worst possible conditions, but neither know where each was sent. They can meet if both express such feelings to meet; otherwise, they can continue living the life without each other for as long as they want.
9. Hire a hacker to hack your own social media page
10. Living the life of your mom/dad for one day
11. Pretending to be a gangster
12. Live with a random person for one week.
13. Can I swim from the US to the EU with a Yacht?
14. Convince someone to go Vegan.
15. Pay XX$ to a vegan to eat raw meat.
16. Daily routine of a Youtuber.
17. Invent a dish and get a professional Chef to try it.
18. Build a giant sandcastle and live in it for one day.
19. Take one of the Company-idea Youtube video ideas and make it happen 🙂
20. For the next 20 days, read a book a day.
21. Invite your ex to a dinner date.
22. Find the worst NBA basketball player and beat him in 1 on 1.
23. Skipp shower for the next 15 days.
24. Bring top a Chef to the worst restaurant for one day. How will the worst restaurant change?
25. Do water fast for five days.
26. Swap life with a super-rich/super poor person.
27. Build a new business in 30 days.
28. Living for 30 days without social media.
29. E-commerce test: run ads on Ticktock, Google, Facebook, and Quora – which one performs better?
30. Make Youtube founder subscribe to your channel.
31. Create a 3d dress and go to a fashion event with it.
32. Spend 1,000USD on the weirdest things on Alibaba/ Facebook marketplace or similar.
33. Record 15 grandpas/grandmas so they can tell their best day in their life.
34. Skipp Starbucks for the 30 days and donate that money to a low-income family in emerging countries. Show the impact it can make.
35. Pay 100USD for someone to face their fear.
36. Cheapest flight on the earth.
37. Travel by Hot air balloon.
38. Eating raw meat for a week. Any impact on the body?
39. Building a profitable business in 30 days.
40. Spending a night in the most expensive and cheapest Airbnb.


We are going to continue updating this list weekly. Please support our blog, it helps tremendously to continue bringing new ideas to life.