Here is a list of unique TikTok video ideas.

1. Flash Mob Reactions

Capture the spontaneous reactions of people to unexpected flash mobs in public spaces.

2. Extreme Sports in Odd Locations

Showcase extreme sports performed in unusual urban environments.

3. Urban Exploration Adventures

Explore and film in intriguing urban locations like abandoned buildings or secret city spots.

4. Interactive Storytelling Sessions

Start a story on TikTok and let your audience dictate the next steps through comments.

5. Random Acts of Kindness

Perform unexpected acts of kindness for strangers and film their reactions.

6. Mystery Scavenger Hunts

Document an adventurous scavenger hunt throughout your city, involving your followers.

7. Impromptu Street Performances

Set up surprise performances in public spaces and capture the audience’s reactions.

8. Guerrilla Gardening

Plant in unexpected urban areas and showcase the process and reactions.

9. Pop-Up Art Galleries

Create and film temporary art exhibits in unconventional spaces.

10. Costumed Daily Adventures

Go about daily tasks in elaborate costumes and capture the public’s reaction.

11. Reverse Pickpocketing Surprises

Secretly place positive notes or gifts in people’s pockets and film it discreetly.

12. Time Capsule Creations

Create and bury a time capsule, inspiring others to do the same.

13. Unique Social Experiments

Conduct and film social experiments to observe interesting human behaviors.

14. Undercover Compliments

Disguised, give out compliments to strangers and capture their responses.

15. ‘Lost Tourist’ Pranks

Pretend to be a tourist in your own city and record funny interactions.

16. Interactive Magic Tricks

Perform magic tricks that involve the TikTok audience directly.

17. Random Dance Party Invitations

Invite strangers to join a spontaneous dance party in public places.

18. Nighttime Neon Sports

Play sports with neon lights at night and film the vibrant action.

19. Silent Disco Meetups

Organize and film a silent disco in a public place, capturing bystander reactions.

20. Flash Fiction Contests

Start a story and challenge your followers to finish it creatively.

21. Public Space Transformations

Transform a public space whimsically and document the process and reactions.

22. Hidden Talents Showcase

Encourage followers to share and demonstrate their unusual talents.

23. Epic Public Stunts

Safely perform a captivating stunt in a public area.

24. Anonymous Art Drops

Create art, leave it in public for people to find, and film the process.

25. Mobile Dance Crews

Form a dance crew that performs in random city locations.

26. Urban Camping Experience

Camp in an unexpected urban spot and share the unique experience.

27. Random Hug Day

Offer free hugs in a public area and film the diverse reactions.

28. Guerrilla Film Festival

Host a spontaneous film festival in a public space and film the event.

29. Public Space Bingo

Create and play a bingo game based on typical public space sightings.

30. Interactive Street Art

Make street art that requires viewer participation and film the interactions.

I hope these TikTok ideas help you to grow! Share your content or feedback in the comments. You might gonna like YouTube video ideas too!